The Kitchen

The Kitchen

Andy Yuen 

OWNER/ Co-front manager

Since immigrating from Hong Kong to Saskatchewan in 1996, my family has been closely tied to the Chinese/Canadian restaurant business; most recently owning Chopsticks in Warman. Odd Couple in Riversdale aims to create authentic Asian food served with great beer and wine. I want to create the same meals I cook for my friends at home in a relaxed atmosphere.

Andy obtained a Bachelor of Science degree in civil engineering (B.Sc. Civil Eng.) as well as a Bachelor of Arts degree in economics (B.A. Econ.) both from the University of Saskatchewan in 2005. He has been practicing as a civil engineer in Saskatchewan since 2005, and a registered professional engineer (P.Eng.) since 2009.

Rachel & Andy

Rachel & Andy

Rachel Y. Kong, CPA, CMA

CFO / Co- Front Manager

Rachel is the CFO and co-front manager for the Odd Couple. Rachel has come to four years of experience working as an accountant within the private sector. Her responsibilities include financial reporting from day-to-day duties to full completion on financial statements, budget preparations and tax projections.



Sam & Jane Yuen have been successful chefs and managers in Saskatchewan since 1996 in their first restaurant in Lanigan. Sam worked at various Chinese restaurants in Saskatoon from 2003 to 2007, including Tsui King Lau, Ming's Kitchen, and Man Chu Wok, where he further obtained Chinese and Asian cooking techniques and customers preferences in Saskatoon. Jane worked at Asian Garden Restaurant in Saskatoon from 2003 to 2006, where she learnt how to cook authentic Vietnamese food.

When Andy started Chopsticks Asian Cuisine in 2007, Sam became the chef and kitchen superintendent at Chopsticks and Jane became the manager.

Same & Jane Yuen have been successful chefs and managers in Saskatchewan since 1996 in their first restaurant in Lanigan. Most recently they were the town favourites in Warman at Chopsticks. 

Sam & Andy



Jackie is the head chef for the Odd Couple. Jackie has over 34 years of experience in the restaurant industry, and has worked at a few Saskatoon based traditional Chinese restaurant including Yip Hong Restaurant and Tsui King Lau Restaurant. Since 2010, Jackie has been working with Andy and the Yuen's family at Chopsticks Asian Cuisine in Warman.

Immigrated from Hong Kong, Jackie and his wife Rebecca once used to operate their own Chinese restaurant on 20th Street and Avenue D about 20 years ago. His Chinese cooking experience and calm demeanor within the hectic kitchen working environment is highly valued at the Odd Couple.