Odd Couple’s Reservation Policies

Odd Couple is a restaurant that takes reservations by phone and also welcomes walk-in customers. We accept reservations for both lunch and supper.

Detailed Reservation Policy: 

Monday – Thursday:

We accept reservations at lunch time, and in the evening at any time between 4:30pm - 8pm. 


We accept reservations at lunch time, and also in the evening. We take reservations from 4:30pm - 5:45pm (1st round of reservations), and then again from 7:15pm - 8pm (2nd round). We do not take reservations between 6pm - 7:15pm (otherwise we will have to keep this table empty between 4:30pm - our guests arrive). At both time slots, we will take as many reservations as possible. 

Large Party Reservations:  

Large party reservations (7 or more) are difficult to accommodate given the size of the restaurant, however, we will take as many as possible. The accuracy of the number of diners in a party is extremely important, as our ability to increase seating is very limited, so please reserve responsibly (i.e. do not over reserve seats). Please note there is an automatic 17% gratuity on parties of 7 or more. 

For party reservations over 20 people (i.e. Christmas Parties, staff parties etc.), please email us @ oddcouple228yxe@gmail.com.  We can come up with set dinner menu for large parties to share. 

Reservation Timing

Given the limited seating of the restaurant, fifteen minutes late with no contact will void your reservation. If you are running late, we urge you to contact us so we can make our best effort to accommodate you and your party.